Cloud CDN

Cloud CDN

Hello2Hosting provides next generation CDN hosting to facilitate easy dissemination. This hosting is network of servers that keeps static and dynamic content along with media files for instant delivery. The content stored on CDN is distributed across various locations and data is delivered from fastest edge servers which are deployed at 100+ POPS. The CDN servers provided by Hello2Hosting ensure low latency, fast delivery and high data transfer speeds.

Best features we provide for
Cloud CDN

unlimited Web Space

4-Layer Security

DDoS protection, premium bandwidth and application security ensures no hack attack

Unlimited Bandwidth

All Time Support

24*7*365 round-the-clock certified technical support

Advanced Functionality

Accelerate Performance

Information on multiple servers ensure high performance


High Scalability

High scalability to handle increased traffic without any fuss

Manage unlimited Traffic

Reduced Page Load Time

Static and dynamic content ensures reduced website load time

Mail support


Requests are handled by nearest available server

Real-time Malware Scan

Analytics Info

Priceless analytical info to discover trends revealing strengths and weaknesses of business

24x7 epic Support

Improvement in SEO

Page speed is main factor in ranking algorithms, thus higher the loading speed higher will be ranking

Cloud CDN

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Cloud CDN Hosting

Cloud CDN is designed to integrate emerging technologies to ensure clients receive advanced features. Client will get high performance, security and reliability. We, at Hello2Hosting, deliver best CDN solution to ensure fast delivery of engaging websites. The CDN solution provided by us ensures enhanced user experience.

The loading time affects customers. More than half of viewers expect a web page to load in two seconds. We ensure fast loading time of website thus have happy clients.

Benefits of
Cloud CDN

Cloud CDN helps to reduce serving costs, network latency and more. We have expertise of years in this industry and have many happy clients. If client wants to upgrade plans, our team provides full support to do so. Here are few benefits:


Cloud CDN is of great help to save money. Rather than investing in infrastructure, CDN eliminates need to pay for costly hosting. It is recommended for companies on tight budget.

Decreased Server Load

Rather than offloading the content on one server, it is spread across various servers. This ensures that there is no load on server and availability of information whenever required.

Helps to Improve SEO

The page speed is factor that is considered in ranking algorithms of search engines. Pages which load faster ranks higher in search results.

Cloud CDN Benefits

Frequently Asked 

How Hello2Hosting CDN works?

Hello2hosting provides next generation content delivery network at best prices to clients. We ensure highest data transfer speed. CDN hosting works in following ways:

  • Visitors visit your site and request for any information
  • This request is routed to nearest server
  • CDN server pulls information from main server and provide to visitor
Does Hello2Hosting’s Cloud CDN hosting solve security issues?

Hello2Hosting provides network of servers located across various data centres. These facilities are distributed across many cities and such scattered infrastructure ensures high security.

What are advantages of moving to CDN?

It can help in numerous ways:

  • Improved speed of content delivery and reliability
  • Best geographical reach because cloud CDN network is extended across the globe
Why do I switch to CDN?

You should consider CDN if:

  • You care about end-user’s experience
  • Website is struggling with slow image loading speed
How long will it take to go live on CDN platform?

It may take few hours to few weeks depending on business need.

I don’t have sound knowledge of CDN, can you help me?

Yes, you can reach out to our customer support team which is available 24*7*365.

1800 120 2530

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Hello2hosting helping small and medium-sized businesses to grow their business via cloud-based platform solutions. Currently Hello2Hosting has its appearance over 4 geographical location in India and empowering over 100 customer happily.

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