Linux WHM/Cpanel Hosting

Linux WHM/cPanel Hosting

Linux WHM/cPanel Hosting comes with server administration interface which allows to monitor and control server. It allows domain owners to monitor and manage their website easily. One of the leading hosting providers in India, Hello2Hosting provides Linux WHM/cPanel hosting which comes packed with features. Customer will get more control and flexibility to manage intensive sites and more privilege to full root access.

Our Best Selling,
Linux Dedicated WHM/Cpanel Hosting

Price Starting From INR

Linux Dedicated WHM/Cpanel Startup Hosting


  • 1 Core Processor
  • 1 GB True DDR4 RAM
  • 20 GB SSD Storage !
  • 100 GB Data Transfer
  • Single Cpanel Included
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Price Starting From INR

Linux Dedicated WHM/Cpanel Value Hosting



  • 2 Core Processor
  • 2 GB True DDR4 RAM
  • 50 GB SSD Storage !
  • 500 GB Data Transfer
  • Single Cpanel Included
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Price Starting From INR

Linux Dedicated WHM/Cpanel Business Hosting


  • 4 Core Processor
  • 4 GB True DDR4 RAM
  • 100 GB SSD Storage !
  • 1 TB Data Transfer
  • Single Cpanel Included
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Best features we provide for
Linux WHM/cPanel Hosting

Administration Interface

Administration Interface

Easy to manage servers with administration interface

Malware Scan

Virus Scanner

Protect servers from various threads with help of virus scanner


Blacklisting Facility

Facility to blacklist malicious IPs for security purposes


High Security

Stay safe with four-layer security and advanced IDS/IPS


Simple Configuration

Choose and configure right server at no additional cost

Technical Support

24/7 Support

Reach out to our support center whenever in doubt

Stay Informed

Stay Informed

Get notifications about services by instant message and email


SSD Storage

20 GB to 100 GB SSD storage depending on your plan


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Linux WHM/cPanel Hosting

Linux WHM/cPanel hosting simplifies the process of hosting a site. It allows website owners to easily, quickly and reliably manage databases, servers, and all aspects of website. One of the reliable hosting service providers of India, Hello2Hosting has experts who ensure uninterrupted server uptime.

Hello2Hosting is known for its Linux WHM/cPanel hosting service. With WHM/cPanel hosting clients can control every aspect of hosting accounts.

Benefits of
Linux WHM/cPanel Hosting

Linux WHM/cPanel hosting provides control and flexibility to manage sites. Client can rest assure about quality with Hello2Hosting. Customer will be provided with all necessary features required to compete in hosting market. Other major benefits are:

Tier3 Data Centres

Hello2Hosting has data centers at different geographical locations with reliable content delivery. The Tier3 data centers are designed with international standards.

Advanced IDS/IPS

To protect servers from various vulnerabilities threads and ransom, hosting providers provide advanced security layers.

Managed Servers

Certified team experts will help to manage entire process from planning, designing, migration and delivery of server.

WHM cPanel Benefits

Frequently Asked 

Which WHM/cPanel Hosting plan is suitable for me?

All the plans have detail of resources that we provide you. You can select plan based on resources you require. If you are still confused about that, talk to our experts who will help to choose right plan.

What are the resources provided by you?

We provide processor, DDR4 RAM, SSD storage, 5 TB to unlimited data transfer. Size and number of these resources depends on plan you choose.

Will I get vulnerability scan in WHM/cPanel hosting plan?

Yes, you can opt to have vulnerability scanner as add-on i.e., you have to pay additional fee for this.

Where are your data centres located?

Our data centres are located at different geographical locations with fast content delivery.

Why should I choose you for Linux WHM/ cPanel Hosting?

We may not be the best in web hosting industry, but we keep our words. We provide:

  • Proactive resource monitoring
  • Improved security with four-layers
  • Configure right server with help of technical experts
  • Cost-effective plans
I don’t have sound knowledge about cPanel hosting, but I want this service for my website. What to do?

Worry not; our technical experts will help you to host your website without any hassle.

1800 120 2530

About company

Hello2hosting helping small and medium-sized businesses to grow their business via cloud-based platform solutions. Currently Hello2Hosting has its appearance over 4 geographical location in India and empowering over 100 customer happily.

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