Improve the UX of Your Web App Improve the UX of Your Web App
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10 Ways to Improve the UX of Your Web App [2022] Featured

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When you design a user interface, it’s not enough to make it visually attractive. It must also be convenient to use and provide a pleasant user experience.

 Every dollar invested in UX results in a return of one HUNDRED dollars, which is 9,900%! And here are some tips from experienced web app developers that’ll make the UX of your web application much better.

1. Research your target audience

Only if you know who your users are can you offer the best user experience. Conduct surveys and in-house testing or study statistics. Find out the audience’s demographics, such as gender, age, occupation, etc. Make sure you understand their interests and know what apps, services, and products they are already using. This will give you an idea of what they expect from your web app.

2. Make blocks visually distinct

The most important information on the page must stand out the most, so make these elements bigger and brighter. Make navigation elements always visible so that users can understand where they are. Action buttons need to have clear descriptions of what they do.

3. The simpler the better

Minimalism is one of the key trends in modern web design, so make your UI as simple as possible. If there’s too much information on one page, users will get confused. Instead, each page of your web app must be devoted to a single goal or subject, answer only one question. Make sure users understand the goal of the page with clear headlines and navigation elements.

4. More white space!

Another way to make your design simpler and improve your app’s UX is to add more white space. Increase paragraph and line spaces to improve readability and group related elements. Note that you don’t have to use the white color. This term “white space” means space not occupied with elements.

5. Make your app faster

Most users won’t wait longer than 3 seconds for your app to load. Speed plays a crucial role here, so if you fail, you will lose users. If improving the speed is impossible, then make waiting more pleasant by showing the users skeleton screens.

6.  Make the users’ journey natural

To get to their goal, users need to travel from the first page of your app to another that can be more than one or two steps away. To provide a pleasant user experience, you have to make this journey smooth and seamless. Think through what actions a user is going to take step by step and eliminate any obstacles on the way.

7. Content matters too

Even if your UI design is perfect, how efficient it is also depends on its content, namely images and texts. Here you will have to do research to understand what kind of language and tone your audience likes and expects.

8. Read customer feedback

Nobody knows better how to improve your web app than the users. Add a survey block to ask questions, such as “What features would you like to see?” or “What needs to be fixed?”

9. Make your app mobile friendly

More than half of people will use your app from mobile devices, so if it’s not optimized for smartphones and tablets, you can’t make them stay no matter what. Therefore, place buttons and CTAs in the middle to make it easier to press them with thumbs. Make sure all elements can be seen in both vertical and horizontal modes. Make it possible to take action in one click.

10. Conduct audits

It’s always difficult to tell if your changes have made the UX of the app better or worse. A good idea is to forget about it and come back in a day or two to take a look at the new version with a fresh eye.

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