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Make the Most of a WordPress Webstore Featured

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If you have a small business with a website and webstore, the chances are you use WordPress as your content management system (CMS).

 However, simply having a website is not enough, you need to make the most of it by reaching as many customers as you can. Luckily, you can start your marketing directly on WordPress.

For businesses and marketers, visibility is the leading goal of having an online presence. For example, if you run a casino website that discusses online casino games, you want your WordPress site to reach a wide audience. As a CMS, WordPress is very powerful because it is free and gives you a professional online base.

Below are the top tips to help you get the most from your WordPress site and reach the most customers possible.

C is for Content

Just being online is not enough for a small business. Marketing is vital to reach as many customers as possible and gain those all-important conversions. While ad campaigns and social media activity are important, you can market your website with some simple content management. Well written content that is SEO friendly and informative can help you reach people through high search engine rankings.

It’s very important to remember your content must read well (no SEO for the sake of it) and speak to your readers. If you're just being informative – perhaps through a blog – you should aim to present information in an engaging way. If you’re writing specific sales content, try to grab the reader and lead them to a sale.

Get the right theme

WordPress is the world’s most used CMS platform by a significant margin. Due to its popularity, a huge community surrounds the service, helping you easily make the most of your website. One example of this integration are themes, with literally thousands available. You can choose how your website will look and apply it easily with a theme.

No coding is needed and many of the best themes are even free. That said, it is worth pointing out that your website (and in turn theme) should be optimized for maximum usability. Basically, your website should work across form factors and platforms – such as mobile – without compromising its aesthetics or usability.

Use WordPress plugins

The wider WordPress community not only supplies themes, but it also helps to make the platform more usable. WordPress is a well-featured CMS, but it does come with some functionality gaps. Third-party developers have stepped in to fill the void in the form of plugins. Hundreds are available across a wide range of niches, from improving the backend to transforming the user experience.

Tap social

Social media is a vital part of online marketing. While not directly tied to WordPress, you should include direct and easy-to-see buttons on your site that navigate to your various social media pages.

Furthermore, your output on sites like Facebook and Instagram should be as valuable as it is on your site. Importantly, your social media posts should seek to direct customers to your website whenever possible.

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