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All About Shared, Dedicated and VPS Hosting [Website Hosting Provider]

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While we going to shop or order Web Hosting then we have some option to chhoose hostings from Shared,Dedicated or wordpress hostings. Now today we will compare all these hosting with each others.

Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

Multiple factors affect the cost and value of dedicated hosting in comparison to shared hosting. Below we discuss how dedicated servers differ from shared servers.

Server Performance or Speed

shared hosting major downside is that the server shares resources across all users present on same server. Time to time this lead to a “noisy neighbors” situation and your hosting experience is bad by resource-intensive actions of other users on the same server.

While, a dedicated server will have faster response times and greater reliability as it is not impacted by the resource sharing of other users on the server.


In shared hosting there is a limit of the software installed by multiple clients. Sometime if something malicious could be uploaded then it effects the overall server security and performance. Broken code or suspicious script can cause every site go down on server. On the plus side, less customization means a much easier learning curve.

A dedicated server controls is in your hand and you can customize according to needs. You can install optimized software that meets your company and customer requirements without worrying about restrictions or impacting another company’s websites.

Server Security

If anybody hack on shared server, your server and all sites on it can effect and performance will go downgrade. In this security could become compromised if you allow financial transactions on your site then it is not much secure.

On other hand of dedicated server, yo worry about only for your code not other users compromising the entire server. You can use or install security tools or apply your own firewall rules which is much secure than shared.

VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

Here we will discuss about difference between Dedicated and VPS Hosting

Speed and Performance

in VPS hosting we share same resources or hardware on virtual environment and can only access a fraction of the total system resources.

In dedicated hosting, all system resources is only for particular user. Access to these all resources improves page load times and increases website performance.

Price Factor

VPS hosting price is much less than dedicated hosting or server. This difference in cost is due to the shared hardware of VPS hosting. 

Dedicated hosting is expensive due to hardware costs and data center functions. Due to this reason, dedicated servers are suited for large businesses and heavy applications.

Increasing or decreasing of storage and computation power in VPS environment is much easy so VPS hosting is a superior option for this because of its virtually shared nature.

In case of dedicate we have to add storage or devices physically in machine. This costs money and time and can cause downtime on your site as the hardware is installed.

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